Save Plastic

As the world is more developing, the living environment is filled with adulteration and pollution. One of the major causes of environmental pollution is the use of plastic bags. Usage of too much plastic can be harmful to human health and can greatly affect the survival and development of living organisms and aquatic animals’ lives.Therefore, we should urge our society to use Eco-friendly alternatives for the plastic instead of using plastic which has many negative consequences for the earth. So, why don’t our BreadTalkers participate in helping our society? Bring your own containers, bottles or recycle bags and let “Say No To Plastic”. You don’t want to use plastic but forget to bring your own containers, box or bags, don’t worry BreadTalk is now placing “Cotton Bag” in counters shortly for BreadTalkers’ convenience in buying. You will also have a chance to enjoy a 5% discount when you bring back along our cotton bag next time. BreadTalk is giving you a 5% discount when you buy a coffee or cold drink with your own bottle since 1st March. Let’s say no to plastic cups as much as you can and save the world together.

We would like to inform you that the plastic bags which we are currently using in BreadTalk are Biodegradable plastic so our bags are reusable. In some businesses, people have started using Biodegradable Plastic (which can be decomposed by the action of living organisms, usually microbes, into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass) instead of harmful plastic. But let’s SAVE PLASTIC as much as we can for our future!